What’s Your Story


The Art of You

Where is your inner Artist hiding? As children, many of us were happy creating all sorts of things and we were chock full of imaginative stories. When did that all go away? At what point did we decide we really weren’t meant to be creative or fulfill that urge to make?

What would it be like to change that story in your head? You know, the one that is full of shoulds and high on checking off those boxes for the high achievers in all of us?

Windows frame stories

Photography brings me joy and as an artist with a strategic inclination, Trinité Jones is the expressive force within that is my compass, my go-to voice, my well of curiosity. My truth. I follow my curious nature to tell stories and capture the extraordinary things I see through the windows of everyday, ordinary life.

Because, everyone has a story to tell.


PORTFOLIOS by Trinité Jones

Portfolio - making and remembering


portfolio - everyday places and spaces