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 Live life large. One small step at a time.

Live life large. One small step at a time.

Your personal brand is at the intersection of who you are now and the image of who you want to become. It's both an extension of your personality and a declaration of who you are as a person. It's your style.

At Trinité Jones we understand environments and how to communicate your brand in impactful ways. We incorporate social intelligence and tell you why your Work Style is so important to your success. Whether you're an entrepreneur, employee or solopreneur with your own business, you have carefully selected your employees and we help sharpen them into effective, long term assets for your team.  

We help you frame your work style.

Chances are you have noticed a disconnect between your mission and what happens every day in your work environment. Maybe you've seen your staff in action and cringed at how they interact with your clients or stakeholders. Or, perhaps you're trying to be a change agent for your team but can't seem to get anyone's attention. As Work Stylists, we show you how to curate your personal brand.

Work Style is not your story.  Work Style is how you tell your story, crafting your image in ways that other people notice, understand, and relate to. If you have the best team in your business niche but nobody notices or worse, nobody believes it, do you really have the best team? If you know you are the best person for the job, but you keep being overlooked, do you know why?  

Trinité Jones refines your style; your physical work environment, the professionals on your team, and you. We work with emerging professionals taking their game to the next level and develop a wide-range of skill sets that enhance their talents in a rapidly changing business culture.

Work Style is about opening doors and inviting you into the conversation so that you can tell your story, have impact and, make a difference. 




Life and times of Paris every day


The Windows of My Life


Life is about stories.
Windows frame stories.

Photography brings me joy. As an artist with a strategic inclination, Trinité Jones is the expressive force within that is my compass, my go-to voice, my well of curiosity. My truth.

I use creativity and imagination to tell stories and capture the extraordinary things I see through the windows of everyday, ordinary life.

Because, everyone has a story to tell.