Trinité Jones
There is no more powerful attribute than the ability to be genuinely honest about one’s weaknesses, mistakes and need for help.
Nothing inspires Trust in another human being like Vulnerability.
There’s just something immensely attractive and inspiring about
humility and graciousness.
— Pat Lencioni
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My Story

A marketing and communications professional by day, and an artist by choice. I see you. You are enough.

I see beauty and possibility everywhere - nature, the built environment, words, music, movement, people. Growing up rural, I incorporate nature as a consistent theme throughout my work as I highlight the simple, the quiet, the understated. My visual storytelling takes you to places and emotions through my lens.

My day job finds me in interesting places where I meet some pretty fascinating folks. Not everyone sees beauty in roads, buildings and machines, but I do. Ask my mom about my junk drawer! Add in a touch of retail savvy, some Marie Kondo tidying up traits, a rousing rendition of the Iowa Fight song, anything French, and you get my style.

People who build and make things, who ask good questions and listen intently are my jam. Gruffy old salts working along side digital-loving millennials creates a playful tension sure to capture my interest.

People tell me I smile a lot. It is after all, a window into the soul, yes? It’s wonderful to spread my wings and follow my intuitive Artist within. I’m a visual artist and photographer whose curiosity makes for interesting conversations.

Come join my journey as I bring stories to life.


Your Story

The Art of You

Where is your inner artist hiding? As children, we remember the joy of creating all sorts of things and we were chock full of imaginative stories. When did that all go away? At what point did we decide we really weren’t meant to be creative, or fulfill that urge to make?

What if you changed that story in your head? The one that is full of shouldas and achievement boxes. We can begin to unlearn those behaviors and move toward more meaningful and creative experiences.

Windows frame stories

Trinité Jones is the expressive force within that is my compass, my voice, my well of curiosity, my artist, my truth. My curiosity guides me to tell stories and capture the extraordinary things I see through the windows of ordinary, everyday life.

Occasionally I’m in beautiful and glamorous places but even there, I’m looking for ordinary people like you and me who are the drivers of the real experience. Taking time to slow down and actually see what’s there right in front of us frames a world of possibilities.

There are stories everywhere and, everyone has a story to tell. It’s the foundation for The Art of You. Are you ready to unlearn and reshape your life? Let’s talk about how I can help you get there.



Making and Remembering


Everyday Places and Spaces



Schedule of Events

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To explore your creative side, there are workshops where you can get your hands dirty and bring your talents to light.


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