Unexpected Compliments


What a grand day I had recently. In addition to my work in photography, I help people build web sites for their businesses. There is that special moment when all things come together and align just right, and viola!  It’s a super great feeling. That happened recently as I launched a new website for someone who is reinventing his career direction in the field of executive education. But then, something weird happened.

Naturally, when you see your images on new sites, it’s super cool. Yeah, there are always a few changes and corrections but overall, it’s a pretty smooth experience for all concerned. Often, I do this remotely – this time we were at one of my favorite establishments, chez Chick-fi-A. After finishing a #1 with Lemonade, I’m in the booth tinkering on the website when an older, small woman quietly walks up to the table and proceeds to tell my companion how beautiful I am while pointing at me. Holy cow, batman!  

She was quite insistent and she flashed a huge smile my direction as she left. No pretense, no ulterior motive. What a simple and sweet gesture. I blushed a bit smiling back as I thanked her for her lovely compliment. You’d chalk this up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience, right? Me too except, this now has happened to me two other times over the past year. Hmmm.

I think when feel comfortable in our own skin it’s a terrific thing to have the courage and shutspa to express ourselves without concern to political correctness and/or embarrassment to another. Clearly the two of us have seen more than a few sunrises, so this was especially sweet. Just when you think you might be aging out of your prime, an unexpected experience brings joy right out of the blue. 

Be brave. Do something out of your comfort zone. You need no permission and it just may brighten someone’s day.

Allison Towe