There are a lot of crazy choices we make in life.

Our lives go on day after day with nothing extraordinary happening and then all of a sudden out of nowhere, you realize a lot of those seemingly mundane choices have led you nowhere special. Not choosing is a choice, too. Time has slipped away and you now find yourself sitting amidst the rubble of the battle wondering what’s next.

Suddenly those hidden regrets come out front and center and you’re faced with the daunting task of owning up to and admitting your successes and failures. No doubt there are many of both though sadly realizing there’s no way to re-live life, because life is not a dress rehearsal. There are no do-overs.

Where do you go at this point? Many of us will continue to live the lies, avoid the hard work of resolution. The other choice is to decide to set things straight. Once you’re over 50 though, there are so many unintended consequences that come with our decisions. You tell yourself the typical things like you had to do it, and that there really was no choice. How quickly time flies by in the landcape of indecision. Yes, as it turns out, no decision is also a decision.

Choices. Either you're happy with the decisions you make and move forward or, you re-set your course and try again. Unless, you choose to do nothing and just...float. Without taking a stand, having a point of view or making choices to move in a positive direction, nothing changes for you or anyone around you. 

Floating is a decision to not decide. And as the saying goes, while cream rises, scum floats.

Allison Towe