Beginning on the Solstice

The world is a big place full of adventure and new frontiers. Where better to begin my journey with you than on the summer solstice. A time where we experience maximum daylight marking seasonal change.

I capture images from my experiences and tell stories of people and places displaying a genuine spirit. One of my favorite experiences came from a small corner grocery/hardware/bike business off a former-railroad now-bike trail called, Ritz's Feedstore and Oasis. 

This was the Midwest at its finest filled with values of hard work and helping your neighbors and, as the saying goes, "where all the kids are above average."  A gentle place filled with hope and laughter that boasts its share of savory characters with nicknames like Speedy, Buck and Smiley. While the pace may have been slow, the characters were always full of colorful stories.

A few years back, my young daughter and I were modern day pioneers of our own accord casting fate to the wind and blazing a trail out west. We landed at the foot of America's mountain, Pikes Peak, a stunningly beautiful place brimming with artists and craftsmen. I resonated with the place immediately.

While I've always loved creating experiences, I wanted to tell my stories visually, through the camera lens, shooting with intention and purpose. I guess you could say I learned to 'see' on the streets of Paris a few years back sporting my first DSLR.

It's fitting that I'm here in Colorado now in the 'expressive' stage of my life where I can devote time to share the lessons I've learned along the way and capturing the stories of those I meet. It's my way of honoring, serving and giving back.

I hope you'll enjoy coming on my journey.

Allison Towe